A cocker spaniel was mugged of his football strip while he celebrated his team’s historic SPL promotion.

Davie was wearing his Ross County T-shirt and colours as he joined owners to celebrate the team’s jump up to the top tier of the Scottish Premier League on Saturday.

The population of the team’s, and Davie’s, home town Dingwall is thought to have doubled in size as more than 4500 fans converged on the town at the weekend.

Hundreds of football fans could be seen in the town centre to watch the game and see the Staggies players parade their First Division trophy on an open-top bus.

Thirteen-year-old Davie was sitting outside his owners drapery store, Cormack and Crawford, when one football fan took a shine to his attire.

Owner Greg Cormack said: “I was only distracted for a moment and when I looked out, Davie had gone. It all happened so quick.

“I dashed outside and had a quick glance down the close adjacent to the shop. There was Davie, naked. Someone had mugged him. They had taken his Staggieman T-shirt and club-colour ribbons. I was staggered. We would dearly love to find out who mugged my mutt. My wife says that Davie needs counselling now as a victim of crime.”

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