An Australian man who shocked passengers on a train in Brisbane by carrying what they believed was a human head, has escaped charges after police found a collection of dolls at his home.

Some reports suggested the man had been sniffing and eating the dolls on the train at around 7pm on Tuesday night.

CCTV was used to identify the man, aged in his 20s, when he got off the train at Landsborough, but he was not at his address when police arrived to speak to him. They later found him on a bus and removed him before taking him back to his home to investigate.

Once inside, police found a bag of dolls – some of which had bald patches on their heads where the man apparently gnaws at them.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said no offences had been committed and no charges were laid as a result of the incident.

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One Response to Man carrying doll’s head terrifies rail commuters

  1. M T says:

    this isn’t real.

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