A 16-year-old girl is being held in northern Russia on accusations that she hired a hitman for her mother and specifically instructed him to not harm the family dog in the shooting.

The teenager, whose name was withheld, asked a friend in her home city of Vorkuta to shoot her 34-year-old mother for the modest price of 14,000 rubles ($470), a city court spokesperson said on Thursday.

The girl, a freshman at a local medical college, was constantly bickering with the mother, who banned her from going out with young men, saying it would prevent her from studying, Vorkuta officials said.

But the would-be hitman reported her to the police, who detained the girl when she was handing over the keys to the family apartment to the young man.

The arrest took place last week, but the story was just released on Thursday.

The girl was hoping her mother would die a fast and painless death, a local prosecutor said. She also took care to spare certain other residents of the apartment from harm.

“When discussing the job with her friend, the girl specifically insisted that he not harm her dog, which she loved a lot, during the shootout,” the prosecutor said.

The girl was considering also requesting the murder of her father, a miner, but decided against it because his salary was her sole source of income.

The teenager is currently in detention and faces up to 13 years in prison if charged and convicted of preparing a contracted murder.

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