A man tried to smuggle a knife onto a flight from JFK to Mexico City.

He made one crucial mistake: he decided to hide it inside another item he wasn’t allowed to have.

The TSA says the unidentified knife-wielder desperately wanted to bring his precious Leatherman blade aboard the plane. But the uptight TSA rules prohibits this.

So why not sneak it aboard inside a big full jar of mayonnaise?

In a press release announcing the incident, the TSA lets its hair down a little and cheekily observes that the man “ended up eating his sandwich dry when both the knife and mayo were surrendered at the checkpoint. Okay, so he didn’t really have a sandwich with him. But he had enough mayonnaise for a month of sandwiches.”

Liquids and gelatinous stuff like mayo have to be in a 3.4-ounce or smaller container.

“The mayonnaise jar was larger than that, so ironically he was trying to smuggle a prohibited item inside of another prohibited item,” Farbstein said.

Port Authority police confiscated the knife and the mayo, but let the man proceed on his way to Mexico City.

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