El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies arrested six penguins on Tuesday, believing they are behind an incident of early morning vandalism at Clint High School. The penguin vandals are accused of breaking into the school and then using glue to close doors and turn lights on.

In a curious move, the penguin vandals also spray painted the number “2012″ on a brick wall.

It turned out that the six penguin vandals are actually seniors at the Texas school.

Someone saw the group of teens, dressed as penguins, sneaking into the high school at 3:50 a.m. Monday morning and called the police. It is unknown why they chose penguins as the school mascot is listed as the lion.

The teens — Ray Pacheco, 18, Hector Soto, Robert Armendariz, 18, Brandon Soltero, 18, Omar Arballo, 18, and Manuel Cano, 17 — have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

The crime, which is akin to engaging in a conspiracy to commit burglary, is a felony under Texas law.

“It started out as a prank, something they were daring each other to do,” said Deputy Eileen Lopez, spokeswoman for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. “However, once they entered the building and damaged the property, it was no longer a prank.”

They can potentially spend 2 years in jail for carrying out the prank.

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