Woman plans wedding to man without his consent

On March 13, 2012, in Stalking, by djeyli

A woman in Washington state is accused of stalking a man she met at church in a desperate attempt to get him to marry her.

Madeline Ann Desmet met the man more than a year ago, confessed her love and when rebuffed, continued to follow him.

Even after he obtained a protective order against Desmet in March of 2011, she continued to attempt to contact him by mail and phone, according to the report.

In December, the man found out that Desmet had made plans for them to get married — after a Jared Jewelry store employee called him to ask how he planned to pay for a wedding ring that his alleged stalker had selected.

He later also received a call from the Seattle Municipal Court about plans Desmet allegedly made for the two of them to get married there.

“He believes that she is delusional, with mental health issues,” Seattle Police detective Nathan Janes told the court, according to the newspaper. “Because of her behavior towards him and his beliefs about her mental stability, he is afraid that sooner or later she will snap, that her ‘love’ for him will turn violent.”

Desmet was arrested in late February and freed this week after posting a bond.

She is due back in court next week.

Desmet, who spells her name Madaline on social media sites that appear to belong to her, told reporters that the only people who know the real story are her and the man.

“It’s just a bunch of bunk,” she said. “I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to have this in the Seattle Times.”

The man’s name has not been released.

She also reportedly told police that he hacked into her computer and was the one pursuing her.

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