Richard Boyle, 57, was on his way to a funeral in Western Canada when he picked a bad spot to grab some shut-eye.

Police found him napping in his car in the parking lot of the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Blind River, in northern Ontario and ended up arresting him.

Officers noticed the car at 1:30 a.m. and when they spoke to Boyle, he indicated he had stopped to get an hour’s sleep.

After checking, the cops found out that the pipefitter, who was working in southern Ontario, was on a recognizance that required him to remain in Alberta.

Judge Nathalie Gregson heard that the recognizance stemmed from drug-related charges in May 2010.

Boyle pleaded guilty to breach of the release document and was sentenced to one-day time served.

Defence lawyer Stacy Tijerina said the accused, who was going to Alberta for a family funeral, thought he had already dealt with the charges.

“If I’d known they were still outstanding, I wouldn’t have stopped at the OPP,” Boyle told the judge.

“My apologies to you and I’ll make my apologies to Calgary when I get there,” he said.

“It was a wake-up call to dot the Is and cross the Ts.’

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