An alleged robber in Florida dropped his gun while escaping.

He was arrested soon after when he returned to the scene and offered to buy the weapon back for $40.

Cedrick Mitchell, 39, was instead pepper-sprayed by the alleged victims and then ended up in the Manatee County jail without bond.

Bradenton police said that Mitchell allegedly barged into a motel room shortly after midnight Thursday and demanded drugs. When informed that there were no drugs, Mitchell switched to Plan B and demanded “everything you got.”

Things went wrong for Mitchell at that point. Instead of handing over their valuables, the two guests jumped Mitchell and pepper sprayed him in the face.

Mitchell took off, leaving his pistol behind in the process. He then allegedly came back a short time later to retrieve the gun, offering the alleged victims $40 for it.

The guests instead gave Mitchell a second blast of the pepper spray. He was nabbed by police while fleeing the scene.

Cedrick’s had a fairly extensive history with the Florida penal system including convictions for battery, petit theft and robbery.

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