Sunday Crime Showdown 19 February 2012

On February 19, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Man walks into bank to cash check – gets mistaken for robber

Student strip searched in front of classmates

FBI Probe Targets Musician Who Allegedly Swapped Naked Photos With Underage Female Fans

Woman Jumped To Her Death Fleeing From Angry Husband

Police Say Mom Stole Money From Son Deployed To Afghanistan

Suspect bummed a smoke from alleged victim

Mickey Mouse spurs school lockdown

Cow heart left on porch

Man drinks ‘poison’ when verdict is read

Ohio Man Arrested for Stealing Urns to Sell Metal

Woman asks to smoke crack before going to jail

Widow pleads guilty to having hubby’s gun

Naked Man Arrested for Firing Gun at House

VW beetle police car pulls over pickup driver

Crime pays – Steal $100,000, pay back $5,000

Pair stabs clerk after credit card was declined

Trip to 7-Eleven leads Bangkok police to tiger butchers

Man Apologizes for Shooting at “Wrong Car”

Woman Threatens To Get Stabby After Boyfriend Fails To Provide V-Day Gift

Woman Charged After Maggots Found In Her Sick Baby’s Diaper

Woman paid $320,000 over 12 years for no work

Fake Nikes had too many fingers on logo

Obama’s border enforcement keeps hair dryers out

Alleged counterfeiter is homeless

Boy steals car… again

Kentucky Family Sues Cemetery Owners For Dropping Mothers Casket

Man Choked Motorist, Tried To Punch Trooper

Man Accused of Stealing Cartloads of Tide Detergent Worth Thousands

Man Beat Child To Death For Not Vacuuming Apartment

Twins charged in Williamston robberies arrested

Retired South Carolina Man, 74, Arrested For Offering Sex To Pair Of Undercover Cops

Justice Breyer robbed at his vacation home

Eighth-Grader Shoots Self In Face With Shotgun In School Cafeteria

Man makes off with iPad hidden in pants

Man Arrested for Dumping a Disabled Man out of Wheelchair

One of AA’s 12 steps – groping

Woman Accused of Putting Dog in Trash Can – Twice

Fugitive gives his whereabouts on Facebook

Man Repeatedly Raped Woman With Beer Bottle, Recorded Assaults

Man kills girlfriend in fight over noodles, beer

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