Sunday Crime Showdown 12 February 2012

On February 12, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Juror faces jail for “friending” defendant on Facebook

Man who bit cop’s finger guilty of assault

Dad Kills Couple For Deleting Daughter On Facebook

Mail Carrier Fired For Throwing Mail in Dumpster

Son Of Rapist Charged With Abusing His Infant While Wife Took Pics

Burglars chose the wrong house – Mom with a gun

Pakistani man fights police over 40-foot shark

Naked man rescued from LA radio tower

‘Zombies’ given dressing down by armed police in Surrey

Man charged for throwing pennies at car

Hundreds ask Vt. to keep prank pig on police decal

Reservation sues beer brewers for alcohol-related suffering

Police officer seen on dashcam video brutally kicking motorist suffering from diabetic shock in $158,000 lawsuit

YouTube Preview Image

2 Swede military cadets punished for prank

Woman ‘lost her mind’ when beau got a ride

NJ Robber Dies After Trying to Steal Phone from Former HS Wrestler

Air Marshals Gone Wild!

Facebook Posts Helped Sink Robbery Suspect

Family steals from their elderly and disabled relatives

Man Sold Stolen Rental Car On Craigslist Under Name “Marcus Hertz”

Squatters had drugs, handgun, 10 grenades, pig

California Man Accused of Killing Chihuahua With Golf Club

Trooper: Irate driver hit man with sledge hammer

“Bored” Clerk Caught Watching Porn During Rape Trial

Judge surprised there were no lock pickers in court after door to the dock in courtroom jammed shut

Grenade donated to Salvation Army

Pilot Busted for Using Crystal Meth

Man Promised Boy Go-Kart, Unzipped His Pants

“Possessed” Woman Charged With Slitting Her Baby’s Throat

NYC to pay $15M for loitering arrests

Council installs talking camera telling residents they’re not allowed in their own communal garden

YouTube Preview Image

Stalker accused of bizarre plot to woo doctor — by kidnapping her

Student set on fire, parent concerned

SNU Student Stabbed By Vagrant While Feeding Homeless

Golfer Impaled With Broken Club During Fight

Women’s hoodie leads to suspect’s arrest

Man arrested after van crashes through hospital doors

German police use Facebook pictures to nab crooks

Someone steals man’s fossilized dino footprint

Intoxicated American makes wrong turn into Canada

Probation, not A for effort, for Pa. grade hacker

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