An woman in Indiana has been accused of leaving her obese sister in a chair for three weeks, to decompose while she was still alive, and later die.

Vickie Holdcraft, 58, was indicted Friday on charges of reckless homicide, neglect and perjury. She is a worker for the county health department.

Priscilla Frieberger, 61, and described in the report as “morbidly obese,” died in October after spending three weeks wedged into a brown cloth recliner in the home the sisters shared.

Her skin was stuck to the chair, and her body had started to decompose before Holdcraft called 911, prosecutors say.

Frieberger died in hospital of pneumonia and a blood infection – complicated by a dose of painkiller Tramadol which was ten times the appropriate amount.

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The home was reportedly jammed with clutter, like something out of the show “Hoarders,” WRTV reported.

Police have issued a warrant for Holdcraft’s arrest.

The sisters were said to have been extremely close – as well as living together in the house where they grew up, they both worked in the Dearborn County Administration Building.

Ms Holdcraft’s husband described the pair as ‘best friends’ – and said that he had not known them to be particularly untidy.

Neighbours said that if Ms Holdcraft had told them she was having trouble caring for her sister, they would have been happy to help.

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