Sunday Crime Showdown 5 February 2012

On February 5, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Teacher Arrested After Punching Female Student In Face

Man admits to jumping on backs of student athletes

Man Stabbed Brother Over Brownie

Woman’s Request For A Cigarette Escalates To Her Murder

South Korean man arrested for retweeting North Korea

Cat Woman Pepper Sprays Jack Sparrow on Hollywood Blvd.

World War II vet shoots burglar

Barefoot Bandit‘ sentenced to 6 1/2 years

Dogfight over pot-addicted pooch

FBI Targets “Hoarder” In Top-Secret Thefts

Teacher Charged After Filming Himself Playing “Lollipop Game” With Second-Grader

Man dismembered and cooked after sex games

Girl arrested for setting school ablaze

Teacher Accused Of Putting Hot Sauce On Crayons To Keep Students From Eating Them

30ft lamp post stolen from Irish village

Man adopts adult girlfriend as his daughter

“Mommy left us on the sidewalk and drove away

Horrible Karaoke Selection Earns Man Four Bullets

Obama robs McDonald’s in Riviera Beach

Thieves are stealing smart phones out of people’s hands

Ranger uses stun gun on man walking dogs off-leash

German city’s parking fines are just the ticket

Mother Threw Toddler Out Window Before Father Set Her On Fire

Homemade acid bombs found on college campus in Florida

Underage threesome couple guilty

Man gets DWI while driving Zamboni?

Fancy dress robber admits armed raids

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