A woman in Monongahela, Pennsylvania stripped down in the middle of a street. She then slapped a bystander who asked if she was okay.

Motorists said that the woman parked her car, and got out – topless.

She then began to walk down the middle of the street. At some point she took off her pants. She also threw her shoes at passing cars.

Police arrived on the scene and she promptly resisted arrest. She was eventually taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Officials declined to release her name because she was undergoing an examination.


It’s certainly a strange set of facts. And it does seem likely that there may have been some mental health issues involved. Police indicated that she wasn’t influenced by drugs or alcohol.

It’s unclear if she could stand trial for any crime. Her mental competency could come into play.

Individuals that are found mentally incompetent cannot stand trial. This means they are not fit to understand the judicial proceedings or the charges leveled against them.

But if the woman’s determined to be mentally fit, it’s possible she could be charged with battery, disorderly conduct, or public indecency.

Police are likely waiting the results of her mental exam before deciding whether to charge her.

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