Robert Casteel from California asked for legal help after his 10-year-old son Christopher came home last week after being bullied.

A classmate had pulled out a knife and threatened to “get [him] after school.”

The bully’s 5-day suspension wasn’t enough, so Casteel obtained a restraining order.

“My son was terrified to go to school,” said Casteel. “I kept him home from school five days until I got the temporary restraining order.”

Casteel will be back in court next month and a judge will decide whether to make the order permanent.

It may not happen because there seem to be conflicting stories.

When school officials ignored his son’s complaint, Robert Casteel called police. They searched the boy and found a 2 1/2 inch pocket knife.

But interviews with other children proved inconclusive.

Some said there was a threat, others said there was not.

But even if the judge does decide to grant the 20-foot perimeter, the bully restraining order may be difficult to enforce by the school.

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