Sunday Crime Showdown 29 January 2012

On January 29, 2012, in Sunday Showdown, by djeyli

Some of the weird stories that did not make the website, or the Facebook page this week:

Man ‘accidently’ hit wife with a hammer, set her on fire

Escapees steal car on test drive

Fleeing man allegedly flipped off deputies

Wyoming 19-year-old fined $200 for doughnut theft

Woman Charged After Beating Cat To Death With Hammer

City Repays Woman After Cops Ruined Her Medical Marijuana Plants

Woman, 64, held suspect at gunpoint

Woman Arrested After Teen Spurns Her Sexual Advances

Pastor Accused Of Throwing Neighbor’s Cat Off Bridge

$6 sex act leads to prostitution charge

Mother Defending Man Accused Of Beating Her Son To Death

Ban Human Fetuses in Food, Lawmaker Says

Man critically injures roommate who woke him

Gunfight Reenactor Pleads Guilty After Shooting Up Audience

Purse snatched from back of toilet

Baltimore Priest Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Porn Shop

Police: Sitter Poured Mixture Of Salt And Detergent Down “Evil” Infant’s Throat

Passenger Smoked Marijuana On JetBlue Flight

Woman claims dad locked her in bathroom for 10 years

Brothers Face Charges After Broken Bong Brawl

Florida Teen Arrested For Posing As Cop

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