A convict with a conscience helped the feds unravel a murder-for-hire plot that involved a carjacking and electrocution by cat, according to federal court records.

It also included the suspect’s ex-stripper wife being used as bait.

Brett L. Nash, 45, of 43 Shirlwin Drive in Granite City, was arraigned in federal court on Tuesday on charges of interference of commerce by threats of violence. Charges state he recruited an unidentified friend to “help in robbing an old man” who Nash intended to lure with his wife, carjack, hold hostage while the victim wrote cheques and then murder.

Nash planned to put the victim in a Jacuzzi and electrocute him by throwing in a radio, court records state. They planned to toss the cat in the water to make it appear the cat knocked in the radio. The plot came apart when Nash’s unnamed friend told FBI agent Nick Manns that “he did not want the intended victim killed.” The friend was previously convicted of second-degree murder and sexual assault.

“He told me he had straightened out his life, believed in God and could not live with himself if someone were murdered and he had not done anything about it,” Manns states in the affidavit accompanying the federal charges. The document also states the friend was worried that Nash was setting him up.

Here’s how the court records lay out Nash’s plan. The victim and would-be accomplice are never named.

Nash approached his friend Jan. 9 with the plot.

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