Joseph Raymond Zoeck, 62, from Georgia is proving himself to be a veritable one-man sex crime spree, according to the cops.

This after police linked him to the attempted solicitation of a young man in a suburban municipal pool locker room.

The solicitation charge comes on the heels of his being charged for lighting the underpants of an underaged teen on fire in a motel room during an alleged sexual rendezvous.

According to police documents, on July 10, Zoeck offered money to a 17-year-old male in exchange for certain sexual acts. The two then reportedly went to the Suburban Lodge Motel in Woodstock.

There, police say Zoeck bound and gagged the teen and set the boy’s undergarments on fire – with him still in them.

The teen was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he told police what happened. Zoeck was arrested on July 19 and charged with aggravated battery, cruelty to children first degree, false imprisonment and solicitation of sodomy.

Earlier on June 16, an unknown male had tried to entice a minor in the locker room of the West Gwinnett Aquatic Center. The boys age was not reported – but he is known to be under 16.

“The suspect was naked in the shower and actually made beckoning motions to [the boy] from inside the shower,” said Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith.

The boy left the locker room and told his parents what happened. The parents called police. But, by the time police arrived, the suspect was gone. The case went cold.

That is until Gwinnett police recognized Zoeck from surveillance photos from the Aquatic Center. Police said he was ‘a regular’ at the pool.

“Once he was picked up and we had a good ID on him, that actually led to us being able to charge him in this case as well,” Smith said.

Zoeck is still in jail on the Woodstock charges.

This new charge of enticing a child for indecent purposes is waiting for him until after he gets the previous charges sorted out.

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