A Deer Park man is in the Hamilton County Justice Cente after he was charged with stabbing a man in the eyes repeatedly with a steak knife in the left eye and TV antenna in the right eye

Court records state Eugene Dase stabbed Robert Sandford multiple times on Dec. 31.

The victim is in critical condition at University Hospital.

The previous day, Dase was accused of attacking another man in a separate incident.

Court records state Dase repeatedly punched Rowdy Warren in the head causing a laceration. Police said he set up the victim and took his cell phone.

Dase waa in court on Monday to answer to charges he robbed the one man and stabbed the other in the eyes with a steak knife and a TV antennae.

This exchange with Judge Bernie Bouchard followed:

Dase: “How about I just plead guilty right now?”

Judge Bouchard: “You’re not going to see the light of day for a long time.”

Eugene Dase: “Do you think I give a (expletive)? You think I care?”

Judge Bouchard: “Yeah, I think you’re going to care in about 15 years when you haven’t seen the light of day.”

Dase is being held here on a $950,000 bond. He has several prior convictions for assault, a history of problems with alcohol, and there are concerns about his mental health… so he’ll be undergoing a mental evaluation.

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