An father from Ohio has been charged with giving his children a potentially addictive pain medicine so he could submit their urine for his drug tests.

Lawrence E. Kirk Jr., 30, Conneaut, Ohio, had to submit to a urine test before his prescription for Oxycodone could be renewed in order to assure he was not using illegal drugs.

He diluted the Oxycodone in water and then had his 6, 7, 9 and 10 year old children drink the solution. He would then collect their urine and present it to a doctor as his own.

Oxycodone is a pain medicine that can become highly addictive if used improperly.

Kirk’s wife, Sarah, 31, of Ashtabula, Ohio, was also implicated in the case, and has already pleaded guilty to four counts of endangering children.

Authorities discovered the scheme when the children told a social worker that their their parents would feed them crushed “blue pills” in water, according to an affidavit in the case.

The children have been placed in the care of the Children’s Services Department.

Kirk was charged with four counts of corrupting another with drugs; endangering children; deception to obtain drugs, and aggravated trafficking in drugs.

His jury trial is expected to get underway next week.

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