This story just goes to show how pathetic UK society has become, when a repeat offender is offered crazy liberal, soft touch punishments. This kind of ‘justice’ is prevalent in the UK now and has made the justice system a laughing stock all over the world, where the rights of the offenders are put ahead of the rights of the victims!

Also note his wonderful education, which can be seen in his delightful spelling…

Police have published a letter written by a burglar which mocks the victim of the crime and describes them as “dumb”.

The burglar, who was 16-years-old when the crime was committed, was told to write a letter of apology after being sentenced to a 12 month Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Plan.

However, the teenager took a different view.

In a letter riddled with spelling mistakes, the thief told the victim: “To be honest I’m not bothered or sorry about the fact that I burgled your house. Basicly it was your fault anyways.”

The burglar also took the opportunity to point out the “dumb mistakes” which led the victim’s property to be selected.

The letter states: “Firstly, you didn’t draw your curtains which most people now to do before they go to sleep.

“Secondly your dumb you live in Stainburns a high risk burglary area and your thick enough to leave your downstairs kitchen window open. I wouldnt do that in a million years.”

West Yorkshire police have released the note to warn homeowners about securing their property.

Officers want people to follow the advice of the young criminal in an attempt to cut the number of burglaries.

Chief Inspector Melanie Jones, from West Yorkshire Police, said: “The contents of the letter are disgusting but it does highlight the cold and dispassionate way burglars select a property to target.”

The letter concludes with a final insult from the thief: “But anyways I dont feel sorry for you and Im not going to show any sympath or remores. Yours sincerely.”

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