A courthouse burglar in Wisconsin ignored several valuable items to steal, but targeted only one thing – a judge’s robe.

Ashland Police Chief John Paitl said that the break-in occured at the Ashland County Courthouse and the culprit took Circuit Judge Robert Eaton’s robe. He left behind valuables including money and computers which were easily accessible.

Paitl said the thief, who broke a window to enter the building, was caught on film by a security camera.

“This is one of the oddest ones,” the chief said of the burglary. “The guy breaks into a facility, knows he’s on camera and then, as far as we know, he just takes the judge’s robe.”

“We have nobody in custody,” Paitl said. “(Investigator) Jerry Katchka has reviewed the security cameras. The suspect was wearing a big trench coat and sunglasses, so it was very difficult to get a clear ID on the person. So he knew there was cameras in the building. The picture is clear, but you can’t tell who it is because of the overcoat and sunglasses.”

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