A former candidate for governor in Arizona found himself homeless thousands of miles away from home. The Valley man travelled to Ukraine in search of a bride but ended up having to sleep in public parks. Cary Dolego first left his San Tan Valley home back in August of 2010 to travel to Ukraine looking for love. Dolego, however, came home to the Valley 11 days later without a wife.

“I met some nice ladies but my impression was they were only after money and what they could get out of an American man,” said Dolego via phone from a Ukrainian shelter. Dolego went back to Ukraine in May of this year after meeting a woman named Yulia on the website UkrainianBrides.com Dolego says he fell head over heels for Yulia. “I asked her is she would be interested in marriage and she said Y-E-S,” said Dolego

Dolego would later learn someone hacked Yulia’s e-mail account. When he did eventually meet Yulia, sparks didn’t exactly fly. “I could tell from the beginning she wasn’t interested,” said Dolego. “I hugged her, she didn’t hug me back.” Making matters worse, Dolego is now essentially homeless in Ukraine.

A humanitarian group found Dolego sleeping at a train station. Dolego, however, doesn’t plan to give up just yet in his search for a spouse. “I need a life partner, someone who will stay with me for life,” said Dolego. Since his story broke, Dolego says he’s been contacted by immigration authorities in Ukraine. He may have no other choice than to return home.

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