Two Winnipeg men are facing up to 10 years in prison for their part in torturing a man for his bank card number.

Harvey Maytwayashing and James Beardy, both 48, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault last week as a jury was being selected for their long-delayed trial.

Maytwayashing and Beardy were among six people arrested in January 2006 after the 59-year-old victim was tortured in a North End home.

Crown attorney Brian Wilford said that the victim was drinking at a Main Street bar where he met Clara Dorion and her daughter Melanie Azure-Cook.

The man bought them drinks and gave them money for drugs and later accepted an invitation to Dorion’s home.

Once inside, he was set upon by several attackers, stripped naked, and robbed of his bank card.

The man’s attackers made repeated attempts to use the bank card at a nearby gas station, only to find the man had given them a bogus PIN.

Each time the attackers returned, “the levels of violence and torture escalated,” Wilford said.

Court heard the victim — who has since died from an unrelated illness — was beaten for nearly two hours and had hot knives held against his genitals.

The man’s penis “looked like an overdone smokie,” said Wilford.

The man’s attackers also shoved a beer bottle up his rectum.

The victim later told police he heard his attackers talk about killing him.

Wilford credited Azure-Cook with saving the man’s life after she fled the house and called police. She later agreed to testify against her co-accused and was sentenced to 45 days time served.

Maytwayashing and Beardy’s lawyers said their clients punched and kicked the victim, but did not torture the victim and should be sentenced to time served.

Wilford said each accused blamed someone else for the attack, but each was just as guilty as the other. He said the men should receive sentences of eight to 10 years in prison.

Justice Shawn Greenberg reserved her decision.

Dorion remains before the court. Co-accused Lyle Maytwayashing and Annette Starr agreed to plea bargains that saw them sentenced to 18 months in jail and 18 months house arrest, respectively.

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