An unemployed Brazilian mason allegedly robbed a cellphone store, only to be locked in and captured by the store clerk after returning for a forgotten folder.

Security camera video showed Emídio Rogerio Alves, 24, entering the GSM Phones Shop in Votuporanga, Brazil, carrying a folder holding working papers documenting employment.

He pretended to have a gun under his shirt, put the folder on a display counter and announced a robbery, demanding the only clerk on staff, Ailton Victor Jr., open the showcase of mobile devices.

When Victor refused, Alves smashed the display glass, grabbed four phones and ran out of the store … leaving his folder behind.

Alves soon remembered his folder. He ran back into the store but the clerk locked the door, sealing in the alleged robber who was eventually met by arresting police.

“I suspected that he was not armed, so I refused to open the window where there were cellphones and took courage to leave and close the door with him inside the store,” Victor said.

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