Blue the dog had spent his days locked up in the Albany Pet Hotel, waiting while his death sentence is appealed. Now police say someone climbed the fence at the hotel, smashed a window and helped Blue the dog escape death row.

Albany police Lt. Casey Dorland said Monday that the only thing reported missing from the kennel is the fugitive canine. Police believe he was taken sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Blue was sentenced to die last fall after he bit a toddler, but his owner appealed. The dog has been housed at the pet hotel waiting for his case to be resolved.

Blue’s supporters said they think the dog-napping was well thought out. Some speculate the thief, or thieves, broke a window on the side of the hotel facing a busy Union Pacific railroad track so the noise of a passing train would drown out the sounds of breaking glass and barking dogs, not to mention obscure the ongoing crime, too.

“I don’t know where he is, I don’t ever want to know where he is,” said Charlene Morrison, a longtime Blue supporter.

“I am so happy he is gone. My hope for him is he is someplace he can regain his health and run free, finally,” Morrison said.

Thousands of Albany residents have bonded over Blue, signing a petition to change the city’s dangerous dog ordinance, and forming a work committee, at Mayor Sharon Konopa’s request, to rework the current law. Konopa said Blue’s supporters should have been more patient.

“We are planning to vote on an amended dangerous dog ordinance on Nov. 9 and Blue would have been sent to rehab, not euthanized,” Konopa said.

Larry Holverson, a member of the committee formed to revise the city’s dangerous dog ordinance, said community support for Blue has been overwhelming in the months long battle to change the law and save Blue.

If the dog-napper is ever caught, Albany Police Lt. Casey Dorland told residents Monday night, that person will face felony charges resulting in more time in jail than Blue has left alive.

Blue’s supporters said they hope the dog who sparked the new law won’t be around when the new law takes effect.

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