In a typical case of PC-Britain, idiotic police have yet again shown why society is in dire need of a shakeup.

Bungling police have been forced to apologise after stopping a crime victim from reclaiming his stolen bike – and then letting the crooks get away scot-free.

Simon Turner had his £55 bike stolen from his shed at the beginning of August. He was walking through the town centre when he spotted the bike chained up.

With his six-year-old son Giles he set about trying to find a police officer and eventually located a PCSO who he took back to the bike.

The 48-year-old said: “I gave details of a hidden technical modification, then she looked and there it was – it was clearly my bike. I said I’d go home and get some tools and remove it but they said we couldn’t remove the bike.

They said ‘you’ll be damaging the lock and it’s not your property’.”

Turner even offered the PCSO £5 for the ‘cheap’ lock but was told the owner could sue him for the damage.

The PCSO, receiving advice from the police station, told Mr Turner to leave the bike there and the police would monitor who came to collect it using CCTV.

“They rang me up on Tuesday to say it was removed and taken away by two males who could not be identified,” he added. “And that’s it – my bike’s gone again. I’m absolutely appalled.”

A police spokesman said: “The PCSO was acting on the advice of a colleague, and, although we’ve yet to establish exactly what happened, it does appear the incorrect advice was given to her and there were other steps that could have been taken at the time.

“We’d like to apologise for this mistake and reassure the gentleman concerned that we are doing all we can to track down the person or people who stole his bicycle.”

Doesn’t that just fill you with floods of hope?

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