Dutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times

On September 9, 2011, in Stalking, by djeyli

So what do you do when a woman is convinced that she is in a relationship with you and then bombards you with over 65 000 calls in a year?

Dutch prosecutors are charging a 42-year-old woman with stalking after she allegedly did exactly this.

The 62-year-old victim from The Hague was so annoyed that he filed a police complaint in August due to the persistent phone calls.

The maths show she had to have called 178 times a day. That’s 7.8 calls an hour, 24 hours a day – one phone call every 8.1 minutes without ever stopping.

Police then arrested the suspected stalker on Monday, seizing several cell phones and computers from her home in Rotterdam.

Hague prosecution spokeswoman Nicolette Stoel said that the woman argued to judges at a preliminary hearing that she had a relationship with the man.

She continued that the number of calls she placed to him was not excessive in this light.

The man denied they had a relationship.

The court then ordered her not to contact him again.

It is unclear why the man had not changed his phone number during the year of harassment.

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