A brother and sister are facing jail after they were spotted having sex with each other in a train station lift.

Richard Finlayson, 21, and sibling Kirsty, 18, were filmed by CCTV cameras as they romped in the elevator.

The shocking 15-minute clip showed them exiting the lift — only to return a short time later to have sex for a second time.

And as they left for a second time Richard gave Kirsty a £20 note.

The pair were later arrested by police after a railway worker at Motherwell Station raised the alarm after viewing the footage. They later admitted to having unlawful sexual intercourse.

A family friend said the revelations had left the pair’s family “destroyed”.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard how they left an 11-year-old boy who was with them on the platform during their illicit tryst.

Depute fiscal Amanda Gallagher said: “They both went into the lift and were seen having sexual intercourse on the CCTV.

“Both accused then exited the lift for a short period before returning and continuing having sexual intercourse.

“Both accused then stood up and left the lift. At which point Mr Finlayson was seen giving his sister some money.”

Kirsty Finlayson denied she’d had sex for cash — while Richard said he gave her the £20 “as a brother, not for payment”.

Last night the family friend said: “We’re devastated. I was sickened when I heard about it.

“Most of the family knew nothing about it until letters for the case came in.

“We can’t believe it. It is a nightmare.”

Sheriff Ray Small ordered Richard to be placed on the sex offenders’ register. The brother and sister will be sentenced next month.

I wonder why she wasn’t put on the register as well? One rule for the male and another for the female perhaps?

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2 Responses to Brother and sister caught on CCTV having sex in railway station lift

  1. F. Teter says:

    He was placed on the sex register because his sister was a minor at the time. Get your facts straight before you publish misinformation.

  2. Chris Kilgour says:

    moved from bishopton to motherwell I think lol.

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