The whole story behind the goings-on and two deaths at the Coronado mansion has moved from the realms of mysterious to WTF.

If you know the story, it all began with the death of 6-year-old Max Shacknai who suffered fatal injuries in what the cops determed an accidental fall.

Two days later the cops were called back out to the mansion where they found the girlfriend of Max’s father, Rebecca Zahau dead.

Rebecca was found hanging from a makeshift noose, unclothed and with hands bound behind her back and feet bound.

Her body was found by Adam Shacknai, the owner’s brother, who was visiting from Memphis.

This week the San Diego Sheriff’s Department found that she had committed suicide.

Exactly how a naked, bound woman could hang herself was conveniently not explained.

A note supposedly found at the scene was deemed to be a suicide note, despite her family saying that the handwriting was not hers.

“This would be the first case in the history of the world that a woman killed herself like this,” Anne Bremner, a Seattle lawyer hired by the Zahau family said. “It’s ridiculous on the face of it.”

She said Zahau had never displayed depression or signs of suicide, and had not indicated to others that she blamed herself for the accident that led to the boy’s death. She had been upbeat in an evening phone call with family before her death, Bremner said.

Bremner said investigators told her that the child had been conducting a trick known as “planking,” or lying horizontally in unusual locations, around the staircase when he fell. Planking is a fad popularized with photographs and videos online.

“I really hope they will reconsider and really fully investigate this case,” Bremner said. “This department needs to be more measured and careful. … My belief is she did not kill herself.”

This whole finding smells like a cover-up to me!

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